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Get more referrals with a preconfigured LinkedIn contacts search link

Instead of asking hiring managers, employees, and other candidates “Who do you know?”, wouldn’t it be great to say “Here is a list of people you know who meet my requirements, which are the best?”?  With this hack, you can send a link to a pre-configured search that will show relevant 1st degree connections of whoever clicks it.

For example, here is a list of your 1st degree connections who are recruiters in Seattle.

Watch the video below (which has over 4,300 views), or read a more detailed explanation on my post on LinkedIn titled “This LinkedIn Hack will blow your mind (and quadruple your referrals)“:

Increase Sourcing Productivity – My SourceCon Dallas Presentation

As a Talent Community Manager, I focus on candidate engagement via outbound marketing. I recently traveled to SourceCon Dallas to share tips on how I increase pipeline quantity without sacrificing quality or candidate experience.

This presentation is best viewed in presentation mode. Click the link below to download the PowerPoint file in presentation view:

Click here to download

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Launch a Regional Social Recruiting Campaign for Cheap

I’m always looking for quick and inexpensive ways to post something other than job postings to my social media channels.  This grassroots campaign took me about :30 minutes to kick off, and is nothing more than a bootstrapped combination of links, free stock photography, and imgur’s meme generator.

I’ve kicked the campaign off via Twitter.  Next I’ll layer in LinkedIn/FB/Instagram, then involve others from our company.

The Best US Cities for DevOps Jobs

For anyone who considers themselves a DevOps professional, now is a great time to be alive.  Companies worldwide are embracing DevOps as a methodology, and there are over 6,700 US DevOps jobs currently posted online, while just under 4,000 LinkedIn users have the word “DevOps” in their current job title.  That delta shows that there are basically 1.675 DevOps jobs for every DevOps professional (although this number is probably a bit lower, since not all DevOps practitioners identify themself with the word “DevOps”; many call themselves System Engineers, TechOps, Software Engineers, Ruby Developers, etc.)  For the sake of this post, I’m keeping things fairly simple.

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Has your career plateaued? Now is the time to leverage your functional expertise!

getajobAs a recruitment marketing practitioner, I talk to dozens of professional and personal contacts every day.  Regardless of the topic at hand or the relative success of the individual, I’m surprised by how frequently the conversation turns to career burnout.  I can think of at least three conversations I’ve had in the past month with seemingly successful professionals with a solid career trajectory.  Each of them said some version of the same thing, that they had “been doing the same thing for too long” and were “ready for a change”, but they simply can’t afford to walk away from a good job and start from scratch.

My suggestion?  Look for jobs outside of your traditional career path by leveraging your subject matter expertise in a completely new field.  Let me elaborate:

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When recruiting on Twitter, tweet like a marketer

Tim Ahern (@recruitertim) show us that by following 3 steps, you can make your recruiting tweets more visible and consistent:

  1. Add an image, or better yet, include a common theme across multiple tweets.  In this case, Tim attaches custom memes to each tweet in a series of five tweets.
  2. Include a common hashtag (#wdayjobs) for easy grouping, and use a common link for easy visit tracking.
  3. Break the rules.  Don’t worry about the best time of the day to Tweet, proper frequencies, or anything.  Start with one post per day, then drop three tweets in a row.  Then go back to one per day.  If the message resonates, the retweets should keep it visible during primetime.
  4. Cross post to LinkedIn.  If your audience sees it twice, that’s a good thing.

Let’s check out Tim’s tweets:

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Best Images from Super Bowl XLVII (from a Seattle fan’s perspective)

Some highlights from the Super Bowl…

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Who are the “Best in Mobile” in SF?

I’m putting together a list (for a future post) about who the best and most respected mobile teams are in the Bay Area.  I’m talking engineers, product managers, UX, etc.  Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the following:

1) Who are the most highly respected mobile development teams? I mean, who consistently puts out high quality mobile products and services? This includes corporate, startups, agency, consultants, etc.

2) What are the best mobile meetups and hangouts?  Are there already a few great ones, or does there need to be more?

3) What mobile startups or trends are you most excited about?

4) What are some differences between the mobile scene in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle?

Please share your thoughts below or leave a comment on these Twitter or LinkedIn threads.

Dude, my name is not Debbie

I received a spam email from a third-party recruiter this morning, and it was a true thing of beauty.  Here’s a screenshot:


recruiter fail

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Did Arrested Development account for 1.6% of all North American bandwidth on Sunday?

Image from the awesome site

As somebody that has run a web-based business and networked with top cloud talent for the past 6+ years, I couldn’t help but think of the massive flood of traffic Netflix (and their supposed 20 THOUSAND instances of AWS) had to support at the launch of the new Arrested Development season.

In terms of bandwidth, the Sunday at Midnight bulk release of season four was estimated to account for up to 5% of all Netflix traffic.  This other article says Netflix accounts for 32% of all North American bandwidth.  So unless my math is off, Arrested Development was responsible for 1.6% of all North American bandwidth consumption on Monday morning.

I don’t know what the total North American bandwidth consumption is on a typical Sunday night, but I bet it is a lot.

A tip of my cap to the Netflix team that is able to deliver this type of service day in and day out.