Boolean strings simplified

Here’s a color coded breakdown of a boolean search string for resumes of software engineers with cloud computing experience in Seattle.  

-job (inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume) (distributed | parallel | multithread* | concurrent) (“C#” OR “C++”) 98000..98999

I’ll explain the color coding below:

-job  Tells Google we don’t want any results with the word “job” or “jobs” in it.  This eliminates job postings from our results.
(inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume)  Tells Google we want resume (or similar words like “CV”) to appear in the page title or URL.
(distributed | parallel | multithread* | concurrent)  These are the keywords I want on the resume.
(“C#” OR “C++”)  These are additional required criteria, in this case, programming languages.
98000..98999  A range of numbers between 98000 and 98999.  Used in this instance to only display resumes that may contain Washington state zip codes.

Spaces between each set of parenthesis is interpreted by Google as “AND”.  The pipe symbol ( | ) is interpreted as “OR”.  Asterisks ( * ) are wild cards (so multithread* will return results for multithreaded, multithreading, etc.)

In plain English, this string is interpreted by Google as:
“Don’t include results that have the word “job” AND do display pages that have “resume” or (words similar to the word resume) in the URL or title AND contains the word distributed OR parallel OR multithreading OR multithread OR multithreads OR multithreaded (etc.) OR concurrent AND contains the word C++ OR C# AND contains a number falling between 98000 and 98999″

This string can easily be edited by simply swapping your criteria for one section here.  For example, if you are looking for this same type of cloud sofware engineer, but in Oregon, you could keep the string the same but change the number range to reflect Oregon zip codes (97000..97999).

Click here to view the results of this search string. 

Jubal Ince

Jubal Ince

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