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Increase Sourcing Productivity – My SourceCon Dallas Presentation

As a Talent Community Manager, I focus on candidate engagement via outbound marketing. I recently traveled to SourceCon Dallas to share tips on how I increase pipeline quantity without sacrificing quality or candidate experience.

This presentation is best viewed in presentation mode. Click the link below to download the PowerPoint file in presentation view:

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Please contact me if you have any questions!

Launch a Regional Social Recruiting Campaign for Cheap

I’m always looking for quick and inexpensive ways to post something other than job postings to my social media channels.  This grassroots campaign took me about :30 minutes to kick off, and is nothing more than a bootstrapped combination of links, free stock photography, and imgur’s meme generator.

I’ve kicked the campaign off via Twitter.  Next I’ll layer in LinkedIn/FB/Instagram, then involve others from our company.

When recruiting on Twitter, tweet like a marketer

Tim Ahern (@recruitertim) show us that by following 3 steps, you can make your recruiting tweets more visible and consistent:

  1. Add an image, or better yet, include a common theme across multiple tweets.  In this case, Tim attaches custom memes to each tweet in a series of five tweets.
  2. Include a common hashtag (#wdayjobs) for easy grouping, and use a common link for easy visit tracking.
  3. Break the rules.  Don’t worry about the best time of the day to Tweet, proper frequencies, or anything.  Start with one post per day, then drop three tweets in a row.  Then go back to one per day.  If the message resonates, the retweets should keep it visible during primetime.
  4. Cross post to LinkedIn.  If your audience sees it twice, that’s a good thing.

Let’s check out Tim’s tweets:

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Dude, my name is not Debbie

I received a spam email from a third-party recruiter this morning, and it was a true thing of beauty.  Here’s a screenshot:


recruiter fail

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Join me at Workday as a Talent Community Manager

Check out this video, then email me if you are interested.  If you aren’t a match but know either (a) a recruiter who “gets” marketing or (b) a community manager that has a passion for talent, please tweet and share this!

Reach passive talent through blog comments

With unemployment in the tech sector near zero, active candidates are hounded by dozens of recruiters as soon as their resume goes public.  While an active candidate sourcing strategy is imperative, passive candidate sourcing removes a lot of that recruiter competition, gives you more control over the process, and (some say) the talent is often better.

But how can we take sourcing beyond cold-calling and Google searches to beat our peers to the best passive candidates?  One simple method is to leave comments containing your jobs URL on blogs that are frequented by your target talent pool.

Here’s an example of how a simple blog comment can inject your jobs into the web browsing habits of passive candidates for free:

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Remember to bid on your own business name as a PPC keyword

While searching for streaming March Madness games, rather than entering the URL (where I have watched the NCAA tournament the past two years), I lazily Googled “cbs sportsline”, expecting to click the first result and watch some hoops.

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Maximize your online recruiting spend

Every recruiter has one or more favorite job boards they use to post jobs and search resumes.  But job boards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing a successful and holistic online recruiting campaign.

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Optimize Twitter and LinkedIn Profile Space

I do a lot of recruitment outreach via social media.  I have multiple Twitter accounts (@jubal_ince and @mscloudjobs), send about 100 LinkedIn InMails per day, and post heavily to LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn Answers, and I’m using Quora more and more.  This drives a lot of passive views of my social media profiles, so I make sure to optimize that space.

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How to permanently delete your Facebook account

I wanted to permanently delete a Facebook account, because I had created multiple accounts and wanted to merge all of my accounts into a single account.  Obviously Facebook doesn’t make this super easy.  If you want to merge or permanently delete Facebook accounts / profiles, here is a straightforward approach to permanently deleting or merging your Facebook account:

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