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Increase Sourcing Productivity – My SourceCon Dallas Presentation

As a Talent Community Manager, I focus on candidate engagement via outbound marketing. I recently traveled to SourceCon Dallas to share tips on how I increase pipeline quantity without sacrificing quality or candidate experience.

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I realized I’m a professional networker. I think that’s a good thing.

Here’s a breakdown of my day:

– Sent about 100 emails and social media messages to potential cloud candidates on behalf of Microsoft.
– Had an impromptu conference with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher
– Invited 500 people to a Portland business networking website I’m working on.
– Played around with some Twitter tools I am developing
– Drove to Portland, texted rap lyrics to a couple of my boys (not while driving)
– Exchanged about 40 emails/IMs with my partners at Microsoft
– Getting ready to attend Portland Seed Fund launch
– If time permits, I’ll roll over to the ERE HR Meetup for last call

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Looking for a job? Three words: "Act as if"

For the most part this blog has been about recruiting strategy.  I’m going to start writing more about job search tips, since most of the people I interact with on a daily basis are job seekers, not recruiters.  Hope you find it helpful.

My overaching theme is to be aggressive.  Whenever I speak about the job market and/or job search strategies, I always reference the scene in Boiler Room when Ben Affleck’s character tells the new traders to “Act as if”.  I can’t quote the scene because it isn’t suitable for all audiences, but the gist of his message is to act as if you are the absolute sh*t, the absolute best at what you do.  Get the message across that you are so good at what you do, they can not afford NOT to hire you.  Of course this is only going to work if you are actually good at what you do, but if you are, don’t be afraid to show it.  The late stage of the interview process is one of the few places you can actually blow your own horn, and most prospective employers want somebody who knows they are good and are not afraid to get things done.

Just don’t get carried away, because confidence can easily translate into cockiness.  Humble confidence may sound like an oxymoron, but it is the best mindset to be in when entering an interview.  Just think to yourself “I’m really good at what I do, and I will be better as I learn more.”

Then you just need to back it up.