Effective LinkedIn Invitations

To really improve your accept rate when sending LinkedIn invitations, be sure to customize your message.  The default “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” is fine if you’re firing off a quick invite to somebody you frequently communicate with.  For other types of invitations, especially those to people you are only vaguely connected with, be sure to customize the message.

This is the message I send when connecting with people via LinkedIn Groups:

“Hi John.  I noticed we’re both in a lot of the same groups.  I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn.”


Your Name:

This shows the person you took the time to learn a little something about them, and let’s them know the value in connecting with you.  This takes about 5 seconds, and it goes a long way.

Jubal Ince

Jubal Ince

A recruitment marketing geek based in Portland, Oregon, Jubal Ince is a the Founder and Chief Talent Strategist at HireMob.

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