How to permanently delete your Facebook account

I wanted to permanently delete a Facebook account, because I had created multiple accounts and wanted to merge all of my accounts into a single account.  Obviously Facebook doesn’t make this super easy.  If you want to merge or permanently delete Facebook accounts / profiles, here is a straightforward approach to permanently deleting or merging your Facebook account:

1) Log into Facebook with the account you want to permanently delete.
2) Go to
3) Go through the required steps, and permanently delete the account.

NOTE:  If you log into the account within 14 days, you will be asked if you want to reactivate the account.  If you do, you will need to go through these steps again.

Jubal Ince

Jubal Ince

A recruitment marketing geek based in Portland, Oregon, Jubal Ince is a the Founder and Chief Talent Strategist at HireMob.

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