Sourcing Automation Tips

Here are some simple things I do to automate some of my sourcing program:

1) I create Google Alerts for RSS feeds of Google resume search results.  I get an update in Outlook whenever a new resume is spidered.

2) I use to auto post new Microsoft Cloud job postings to my @mscloudjobs Twitter account. is free.  It regularly searches the RSS feed of my choosing (I use the RSS feed of our careers site landing page) and posts to the social profile of my choosing (I only post to Twitter, but you can post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more).

3) I create resume search agents for all of the job boards I use, so each morning I have my automated search results waiting for me in my inbox.  This saves me time as I can quickly scan the emails instead of logging into each job board and conducting a search (or loading a saved search).  If I see a top candidate, I can click directly to their resume.  This not only saves time, but I think it reduces my overall resume view total, which saves money if you are on a pay-per-view plan.

4) In LinkedIn Recruiter, I create projects for each campaign, and add a search to each.  The search keeps a running total of new matching profiles, which you can quickly browse, contact, and add to your project as needed.

Jubal Ince

Jubal Ince

A recruitment marketing geek based in Portland, Oregon, Jubal Ince is a the Founder and Chief Talent Strategist at HireMob.

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