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Sourcing Automation Tips

Here are some simple things I do to automate some of my sourcing program:

1) I create Google Alerts for RSS feeds of Google resume search results.  I get an update in Outlook whenever a new resume is spidered.

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Why you can’t automate SEO

More and more recruiters are using SEO as a means to get their jobs to the masses, and reduce their dependency on job boards.  I’m thrilled that SEO is becoming more widely utilized, but at the same time, I’m concerned recruiters are buying into tools that promise SEO automation without knowing the full slate of SEO best practices.

Having an optimized site is great, and some of the tools I’ve seen do a great job at this.  Title tags and URLs are optimized, and there are internal links driving spiders throughout the hosted careers page.  The one thing that these service can not provide, at least not in an automated fashion, is inbound link building, the holy grail of SEO.

If you are trying to optimize for the keyword “Seattle developer jobs”, you may grab the top spot on Google for a few months, until your competition notices and begins optimizing against you.  With both sites equally optimized, the key remaining variable is inbound linking.  If company #2 makes an effort to get other sites and blogs to link to them with the anchor text “Seattle developer jobs”, this will ultimately result in more “link juice” and a higher ranking.  Company #1 will be paying a ton of money for their hosted solution and a #2 ranking on Google.

My advice to those that are using (or considering) a platform that incorporates an SEO’d careers page?
1) Hire a consultant to manage your link building efforts
2) Have visibility into traffic analytics (such as Google analytics), so you know where your traffic is coming from
3) Determine how much traffic is coming from search engines (vs. direct requests, vertical aggregators, etc.).