Integrating recruitment with the overall marketing efforts of your business

I was having an email conversation with another recruiter yesterday about foursquare.  His company utilizes foursquare as part of their overall mobile/social marketing strategy, but not so much for recruiting (as far as I know).  This got me thinking about how companies can tap into the existing brand initiatives of their business to increase their employment brand as well.  Can this be done successfully without diluting the overall marketing message?  What other pitfalls might arise?  Does your company do it?  Why or why not?

With regards to the foursquare example, it seems as if retail outlets are already using this tool to engage their customers, they can take it a step further and ping them with job details here and there too.  I’m a bit of a mobile luddite so I am still holding off on using foursquare, thus my grasp of it is very limited.  That being said, if people are connecting with your brand while at your physical location, why not connect with them to a degree beyond brand marketing, and engage them as passive candidates.

To take this a step further, if foursquare users are checking in while at your retail location, that at means they a) like your product and b) probably live relatively close and c) have disposable income, thus they are employed, and therefore, employable.  That doesn’t necessarily make them a grade A candidate, but if you are already making the media spend, why not mention that you are hiring?

This isn’t specific to foursquare.  Print and web advertising could easily incorporate your recruiting message without diluting the overall brand message.  For instance, Amazon could place some text like “Love shopping with Amazon?  You might like working here too.”  Or Microsoft “Think you can make Windows 7 better?  Join us”.  Maybe they already do something like this, but overall, I would say most companies don’t.  Seems like a good way to reduce duplicate advertising spend while reaching loyal passive candidates.