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What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the term I use to describe outbound recruitment efforts that involve some sort of advertising or strategic group communication aspect.  Let me explain.

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Search Engine Marketing for recruiters

Search engine marketing (SEM) is also known as “paid inclusion” in search engine results.  Typically paid inclusion is purchased on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, whereas you bid on keywords and set a price you are willing to pay each time your ad is displayed alongside standard search engine results (aka natural or organic results).  Your ad may be shown 1000 times and clicked only twice, so you get some exposure while only paying when users actually visit your site. 
This model revolutionized online advertising and made Google the earnings monster they are (I think Google AdWords revenue makes up over 95% of Google’s annual earnings, but this may be out of date).  Besides Google, other search engines such as bing, yahoo, and ask.com, as well as larger publishers like about.com offer PPC advertising.

Recruiter can take advantage of this advertising model in a couple of ways.  First, PPC advertising is a great way to market your overall recruiting needs to your target candidate demographic as a whole.  So if you have an ongoing need for outside sales reps in Boston, you can bid on keywords such as “Boston sales” OR “sales jobs Boston”, and when somebody searches for those keywords your ad will be displayed alongside the organics search results.  Alternatively you can bid on more broad keyword combinations such as “sales” or “jobs” but choose to have your ad shown only to people in the Boston area (I believe the search engines can narrow this by the user’s IP address).  The interface of the advertising platform will help you determine the results you will get from certain budget points, allowing you to define how much you will spend to reach this audience without going over your budget (or spending too much per click).

Alternatively, you can conduct a SEM campaign for specific job openings.  For instance, if you are looking for a VP of Marketing, SEM allows you to bid on a very specific keyword string (“VP of Marketing” OR “vice president of Marketing”) and run that ad across a wide swath of the internet.  Since this is a very narrowly defined keyword string, the cost per click may be quite low, allowing you to run the ad without geographic constraints.  VP-level roles often require relocation, so this allows you to cast a national net.  In all likelihood, you ad would appear next to results when people are searching specifically for jobs with this particular title.  The click through rate will be low, but the responses you do receive will be very targeted and probably of high quality, thus reducing your cost per hire.

Google AdSense allows non-Google websites to run these ads as well, so your ad will be displayed on sites with content related to your ad.  This means it will probably show up on blogs and other content sites with articles/posts dealing with marketing (although I’d be curious to see if the “VP” or “vice president”) keywords lead to your ad being displayed alongside articles about Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, etc. (vice presidents).  If that is the case, your traffic will reflect this, and you can adjust your ad accordingly.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss search engine marketing as a recruitment method in more detail.