What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the term I use to describe outbound recruitment efforts that involve some sort of advertising or strategic group communication aspect.  Let me explain.

In my daily recruiting efforts, I typically email or call between 25 and 100 candidates.  Almost all of this is on an individual basis, and this activity is not what I consider recruitment marketing.  When I collect and organize those email addresses, and send out targeted bulk emails later to a particular group or talent network, that is recruitment marketing. Most recruiters have an applicant tracking system (ATS) or other candidate tracking database full of email addresses and contact info that would make most marketers drool.  So put on your database marketing cap, run some targeted queries around your requirements, and send a targeted email out to a huge audience at once.  There’s no reason not to make this your first step whenever you open a new req.

I consider other forms of recruitment marketing to be merging your recruiting efforts with existing corporate marketing, and also using non-recruitment advertising to reach targeted talent communities.  For example, running recruiting ads on Facebook or PPC ads on Google that link users to a specific job description or other call to action.  This “search engine marketing” approach goes hand-in-hand with a search engine optimized careers site.
As you can see, this “one to many” type of communication has a far wider reach than “one off” outreach, and can be nearly as targeted, often moreso.
Jubal Ince

Jubal Ince

A recruitment marketing geek based in Portland, Oregon, Jubal Ince is a the Founder and Chief Talent Strategist at HireMob.

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