Zip code targeted boolean strings

Google is a great way to find resumes, but filtering your results to local candidates is often a requirement. While including city and/or state names in your boolean search is a good way to narrow your results, it presents a major challenge.

First, resumes often include a city name for each role. This means somebody who worked in Seattle 10 years ago then moved to San Diego still has “Seattle” on their resume. Sure, you can still contact them and ask if they are interested in moving back to Seattle, but this takes time away from engaging candidates who are still in Seattle. Very often, this is the only location information that appears on resumes.

To narrow your results to those resumes that only include a full address with zip code (zip codes are almost exclusively used in the header of the resume, and rarely appear next to each role on the resume). To do this, try including a simple number range in your search string.

A number range is boolean logic that tells Google to search for any number between a high and low number. Since all zip codes in the US are five digits, we need to search between the high and low five digit numbers where our target zip codes may fall. For example, if we were looking for resumes in Seattle (where all zip codes begin with 98) we would include a range that tells Google to search for all numbers between 98000 and 98999. We would enter it as follows:


And a search string for a C++ Software Engineer in Seattle would look like this:

(intitle:resume~ | inurl:resume~) “C++” “software engineer” 98000..98999 -jobs

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